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Whether you seek a temporary, contract project, or a temp-to-hire job, let us go to work for you. Cultural and language barriers that seem insurmountable are no problem. We have Spanish and Portuguese translators to help you overcome communication and application difficulties, orient you to job norms and expectations, and help you find the job that fits your skills and schedule. At BJ's, our staff takes the time to get to know you and the skills you offer. And we'll put you in our pool of applicants, keeping you in mind for new and better positions come available.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay any fees to be hired?

No. There are never any fees to be hired by BJ's Service Company.

How do I get started?

Simply emails us using the Contact form. We'll follow up with you. Or email

What do I need to be hired?

A completed application packet, a resume if you have one, and proof of residency/ability to work in the USA.

How does working for a staffing company work?

When hired by BJ's Service Company, you are kept on our payroll and receive all benefits from us. We then place you at a company in a job that matches your skills. The company supplies us with your time worked and we pay you.

Are all of the jobs temporary?

Companies use staffing firms to manage fluctuations in labor needs without the need to onboard, hire and then lay off employees. Therefore, our clients rely on us to provide short to medium term workers. However, many of our employees become so important to our clients that our clients want to make them full-time, permanent employees. Temp-to-permanent placements happen all of the time.

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