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BJ's Service Company provides labor to our clients in several ways. The most common is general staffing. You tell us the skills and number of people you need and we send them to you. We keep the employees on our payroll, deduct taxes and carry the insurance policies for liability and workers compensation. However, some employees really need to be on your payroll to be effective in your organization. Many clients choose to use our Temp-to-Hire service. This allows you to try out an applicant on a temporary basis while they are on our payroll. If you think the employee is good, you can convert that employee to an internal employee of your own. If not, let us know and we'll send you another candidate. The best part is that after 520 hr. of billing for the employee on a temporary basis, there is no conversion fee. With BJ's Service Company on your team, you can remain flexible in your workforce while streamlining your infrastructure to find the optimum balance of convenience, performance, and cost control.

What we are best at

Markets We Serve

Seafood Processing
New Bedford is still the most prosperous fishing port in the US. And BJ's has been delivering the most skilled and reliable seafood workers to this city's port as well as the entire Northeast.
Light Manufacturing
Whether it's a general laborer needed for production or a skilled machinist, you can rely on BJ's to consistently deliver qualified candidates to help you achieve your business goals.
Garment manufacturing, repair, stitching, sewing operators, screen printing technicians have specific and sometimes hard to find skill sets. If you need it, chances are we can fill it.
Everything Else
With over two decades of experience sending qualified labor to every major industry in the area, there are too many to mention. Contact us today to see how we can help.
Warehousing and Logistics
BJ's has a long history of providing warehouse workers, picker/packers, pallet jack and fork lift operators, and loaders. Let us help you keep things moving.
Solid Waste and Recycling
For over a decade, BJ's has been the go-to source for refuse workers, serving as the sole supplier to the region's largest waste management and recycling centers.
Today is the day to begin the path to a steady and stable workforce.
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